Jacqueline has been treating adults, in both individual and couples counseling, in Lebanon, NH since 1988 in an outpatient setting.  Her building is handicap accessible with plenty of parking right outside the building. You would have complete privacy, quiet, and anonymity while you enter the building and sit in the waiting room.

Jacqueline uses traditional methods of treating people: a careful understanding of each person is key. Once she understands what you are trying to accomplish and realizes what you need help with, she is able to suggest solutions, help you to work through difficulties , so that you can resolve whatever issues you are dealing with. Techniques include dynamic understanding, cognitive behavioral suggestions, and depth counseling. Her practice in known for her warmth, her professionalism, her attention to detail, and her compassionate care for everyone she works with. She is a dedicated therapist with a exceptional understanding.

Services Include

Anxiety and depression
Stress management
Time management
Improved communication
Trust, fears, loneliness
Interpersonal relationships
Better public speaking
Social Anxiety