Talking Helps

Jacqueline Brill is committed to helping you achieve the highest possible degree of mental health. She welcomes the opportunity to hear how your life is going, and to help you to address whatever issues and concerns you may have.


Monday – Friday, Daytime & Evening
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Jacqueline’s Approach

I offer counseling and psychotherapy to individual adults and couples in the Upper Valley in my Lebanon, NH office. My approach is collaborative, warm, interactive and lends itself easily to both short-term goal-oriented work and long-term psychotherapy. My degree is a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. I am a NH Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and a Vt. Licensed Clinical Psychologist-Master. I have 35 years of experience as a clinical counselor in a variety of settings: Vt. community mental health agencies, NH residential and outpatient addictions treatment programs, and private practice in Lebanon, NH.

The goal of psychological therapy is to help clients resolve their issues through coming to a deeper understanding of themselves and how their inner beliefs contribute to their struggles. Often the key is to develop greater self acceptance and the confidence to speak about one’s feelings, needs, ideas.

I work with a wide variety of adults who are struggling with such issues as self-worth, lack of trust, shame / fear, anxiety, lack of fulfillment, depression. Couples sometimes come in with intimacy challenges, conflicted family relationships, communication and trust issues. I work collaboratively to create a secure and accepting environment in which to explore unresolved issues getting in the way of positive feelings, self-acceptance, confidence, and peace of mind.

The method I use is talk therapy, which includes exploration, reframing, explaining, cognitive and behavioral interventions, rational emotive therapy. Talk therapy is a general term used to describe a set of therapeutic techniques that are rooted in what psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud referred to as the talking cure. While this technique is heavily associated with psychoanalysis, it is also used in a range of treatment approaches including cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy, counseling, and client-centered therapy. Talk therapy involves a client discussing problems, issues, and life events with a therapist. Often the place to start in counseling is to learn how to talk about our deepest, most personal thoughts, feelings, and concerns without shame or embarrassment.

I welcome the opportunity to hear how your life is going, and to help you to address whatever issues and concerns you may have. Call for an appointment if you would like some help with your life’s issues.